June 2020 No. 37


Online Labor, Labor on the Line
Editor's Note
Page. 259
/ 唐士哲
Shih-che Tang
導言: 批判理論是媒體勞工擺脫剝削的工具箱
Page. 45
/ 劉昌德
Informal Distribution of Subtitle Groups in China for Alternative Art Cinema
Page. 49
/ 林玉鵬
Yu-Peng Lin
Keywords:subtitle groups, nonmainstream art cinema/art cinema, informal distribution, cinephilia, spreadable media
串流媒體時代下的閱聽人商品觀點再檢視:以傳播政治經濟學觀點 分析Netflix追劇勞動
Audience Commodity in the Age of Streaming Services: An Analysis of Netflix Binge-Watching and the Associated Audience Labor through Critical Political Economy of Communications (CEPC) Approach
Page. 83
/ 蔡蕙如
Hui-Ju Tsai
自美國影視產業史再探閱聽人 商品論的政治經濟脈絡
Revisiting the Background of Audience Commodity Theory in the History of the US Audiovisual Industry
Page. 113
/ 張時健
Shih-Chien Chang
Keywords:US audiovisual industry, surplus value, advertising, audience commodity theory, audience labor
新聞機器人為誰「勞動」? 自動化新聞學引入新聞產製的影響及論述
Whom Are News Bots “Laboring” for? Effects of Automated Journalism on Journalists
Page. 147
/ 劉昌德
Chang-De Liu
Keywords:artificial intelligence, labor process, media workers, professionalism, algorithm
特稿:後真相時代的社會運動、媒體, 和資訊政治—香港反修例運動的經驗
Social Movements, Media, and Information Politics in the Post-truth Era: The Experience of Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Bill Movement
Page. 3
/ 李立峯
Francis Lap Fung Lee
Keywords:social movement, political parallelism, fake news, normative disinhibition, digital media
Corpus Analysis of Taiwan Government’s Risk Communication Strategies and Media Risk Framing Regarding the New Southbound Policy
Page. 189
/ 傅文成
Wen-Cheng Fu
Keywords:risk, corpus, framing, New Southbound Policy
公共服務媒體的建構與挑戰 ─以日本、美國公視的組織變革為例
Construction and Challenges of Public Service Media: Drawing from Organizational Transformation Experience of Public Television in Japan and the United States
Page. 227
/ 胡元輝
Yuan-Hui Hu
Keywords:NHK, public service media, public service broadcasting, dominant logic, organizational change, organizational technology
反思「老人傳播」研究之方法論途徑: 兼向心理學之人文轉向經驗借鑑
Reflections on the Methodologies of Aging Communication Research and Applications of Similar Experiences from Psychology
Page. 259
/ 臧國仁、蔡琰
Kuo-Jen Tsang & Yean Tsai
Keywords:aging, methodology, reflection, the elders, communication