June 2017 No. 31


Cultural Flow and Media
Editor's Note
Page. 3
/ 楊意菁
Yie-Jing Yang
Introduction: The Modes of Cultural Flow and Alternative Imagination
Page. 3
/ 張玉佩
YuPei Chang
Keywords:cultural flow, communication mode, media culture
跨國文化流動的理論裝備檢查: 拆解與修整「文化接近性」
Examining the Theoretical Equipment Used to Study International Cultural Flow: A Disassembly and Modification of “Cultural Proximity”
Page. 17
/ 魏玓
Ti Wei
Keywords:cultural proximity, international communication, international cultural flow
J-Pop 之外的影視配樂想像: 論日本、西洋經典老歌於 日本戀愛劇中的美學與產業型構 (1990 ~ 2000 年初)
Beyond J-Pop the Soundtrack: Aesthetic-Industrial Shaping of Japanese Ren’ai Dorama (1990s and 2000s) Through Classic Japanese and Western Hit Songs
Page. 49
/ 蔡如音
Eva Tsai
關鍵字::日本流行音樂(J-pop)、日劇、電視製作人、暢銷經典歌、影 視配樂、編劇
Keywords:J-pop, Japanese TV drama, TV producers, classic hits, soundtracks, scriptwriters
國族打造與國家品牌化: 台灣觀光論述的本土化
Nation Building and Nation Branding: Discursive Transformation toward Taiwanization in Taiwan’s Post-War Tourism Policy
Page. 79
/ 黃淑鈴
Shuling Huang
Keywords:nation branding, nation building, discourse, tourist gaze, destination image
文化消費指南: 1980 年代的《民生報》
A Guide to Cultural Consumption: Case Study of 1980’s Min Sheng Daily
Page. 117
/ 黃順星
Shun-Shing Huang
Keywords:intermediary, cultural consumption, consumer society, popular newspaper
移住者媒體的社會行動: 南韓「移住者世界電視」 發展歷程之考察
Social Actions of Migrant Media: The Case Study on Migrant World Television in South Korea
Page. 157
/ 陳春富
Chun-Fu Chen
Keywords:activism, South Korea, Migrant World Television, migrant media, transnational migrant
新聞人員對媒體角色認知的變遷與 第三人效果
Changes in Media Role Perception and the Third-Person Effect
Page. 191
/ 劉蕙苓、羅文輝
Huei-Ling Liu & Ven-Hwei Lo